Eye doctor, senior man using BlephEx for blepharitis treatment in Sunrise, Florida

Blepharitis occurs in approximately 1 out of 3 people. Blepharitis occurs when normal body bacteria form a biofilm (much like plaque on teeth) over the much-needed oil-producing glands our eyelids. When biofilm covers these glands, the oils cannot come out and an inflammatory process begins. This inflammation causes loss of oil-producing glands amongst other symptoms.

Medications such as Restasis and Xiidra fail to work, as they cannot penetrate the biofilm barrier, wasting lots of money and not proving the desired results. So step one after a complete evaluation that biofilm is present is to remove it with the only device available, BlephEx.

From my experience, many patients do not need to continue with other medications, but routine eyelid hygiene and removal of biofilm is all that’s needed. If additional therapeutic intervention is needed, now the glands are open for these other great medications to work their best.

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