Here at Sunrise Specialty Lens & Dry Eye Institute, we know how important proper eye care is. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service so you can have the vision you deserve.

We truly believe in routine eye examinations so that you can see as clearly as possible. Once you have to get glasses or contacts, it is even more important to watch the health of your eyes. You also need routine checks to ensure your prescription has not changed.

To ensure good eye health and vision, we are very proud to offer the following services:

Scleral Lenses

Scleral Lenses are made of high oxygen permeable materials and used for a host of eye conditions. The most common uses are for keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, graft vs. host disease, Steven Johnsons Syndrome, stem cell deficiency, neurotrophic keratitis, post corneal transplant, post refractive surgery (LASIK, RK), dry eyes, corneal surface issues such as Salzman’s Nodular Dystrophy, cornea ectasia, high prescriptions, and many other cornea conditions. The scleral len’s main function includes providing comfort, improving vision, while healing diseased corneas.

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Hybrid Contacts

We utilize Synergeyes Hybrid lenses which is a RGP lens fused with a soft lens skirt. This lens can provide the comfort of a soft lens with the visual benefits of an RGP lens. These lenses are used on many cornea diseases such as keratoconus and pellucid marginal degeneration. They can also be used for healthy eyes. Due to the superior vision provided by RGP lenses they are a great option for patients with high prescriptions, astigmatism, and or those needing multifocal lenses.

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Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

RGP lenses are known for their superior vision, and can be used for patients with either healthy eyes, or with a host of cornea conditions. They are great options for patients with a higher prescription, large amounts of astigmatism, and or those needing multifocal lenses.

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Myopia Control Lenses

We now can slow down myopia progression. Myopia (near-sighted, short sighted) is increasing. Studies reveal that by 2050 over 50% of the population will be myopic and in need of corrective eyewear. Myopia increases your risks of glaucoma, cataracts, macular generation, and affects a patients quality of life. The cost of updating glasses and treatment of these diseases will continue to rise. We utilize different treatment options to help slow down myopia progression. Orthokeratology (corneal molding), soft multifocal lenses, and Atropine eye drops are the most effective means of controlling progression. After a thorough consultation, we will develop a treatment plan that works best for you or your child.

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Prosthetic Contact Lenses

These lenses can be life changing. Prosthetic contact lens can both improve cosmesis, and the comfort of the eye. They are commonly used on post surgical patients with light sensitivity who have altered pupillary function and resultant light sensitivity. They can also be used to mask disfigured eyes. We can custom make a lens the restore the beauty of your eye.

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Multifocal Contacts

For those over age 40, our ability to see clearly and comfortably for near tasks such as reading and working on computers becomes harder. This is called Presbyopia. This is a natural aging change of the lens inside your eye. This can also occur in younger patients who have focusing difficulties. There are a variety of contact lens options for patients with presbyopia who prefer not to wear glasses. Soft lenses, RGP, Scleral and Hybrid provide excellent options to solve this issue. The Synergeyes Hybrid lens fits like a soft lens, but offers superior optical properties due to its RGP center. The hybrid lens provides the clearest vision at distance, near and any distance in between.

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Dry Eye Treatment Sunrise, FL

Dry Eye Treatment

Sunrise Specialty Lens & Dry Eye Institute is proud to offer dry eye treatment for our patients. Ocular Surface Disease, also known as dry eye, can occur from certain medications, naturally by aging, or as a symptom arising from systemic diseases such as Sjogren’s syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis, or Lupus. If you have a minor case of dry eye, you may be experiencing irritation, excessive tearing, fluctuating vision, and/or a burning sensation in your eyes. Excessive dry eyes, or dry eye symptoms that go untreated, have the potential to damage eye tissue, scar your corneas, and impair your vision.

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Blepharitis Treatment Sunrise, FL

Blepharitis Treatment

Blepharitis is a common condition caused by the buildup of natural oils and bacteria at the base of the eyelashes. Some symptoms may include burning, inflamed, and irritated eyes. In addition, flakes will appear at the base of the eyelashes.

Here at Sunrise Specialty Lens & Dry Eye Institute, we will provide you with different treatment options to control the symptoms of Blepharitis. Unfortunately, since there is no cure for the condition it is best to contact us so we can do a thorough examination and determine the best options for you to relieve and minimize the frequency of symptoms.

For more information on how we can help with blepharitis or to request an appointment, please don’t hesitate to call us today at (954) 845-0665!

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