Blepharitis is a common eye disorder that involves an inflammation in the eyelids. It is often caused by a low-grade bacterial infection, and may also be caused by a skin condition.

BlephEx Cleans Your Eyelids to Bring Relief!

Blepharitis is a chronic, inflammatory disease of the eyelids caused by an overgrowth of normal bacteria living along the lid and base of the eyelashes. Anyone can contract blepharitis, at any age. The overgrowth of bacteria causes crusting along the eyelid, and creates a sticky environment that traps dead skin cells and other debris among the eyelashes.

Since eyelids are hard to clean, this overgrowth of bacteria, scurf – thin dry scaly derma- and debris, which can accumulate for years. This environment allows bacteria to flourish, not only causing a multitude of irritating symptoms, but eventually chronic inflammation. The inflammation, in turn, adversely affects the structure of the eye lid and the tear glands.

Constant eye irritation, foreign body sensation and chronic dry-eye disease are one end result, if not treated. Now, thanks to BlephEx, we can directly clean and exfoliate your eyelid and lashes, which will almost immediately improve your symptoms and help control the long-term damage to the tear glands.

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If you have tired, watery, itchy, burning, red or dry eyes you could be one of these millions who are affected by Blepharitis. We can treat this problem and provide relief. BlephEx is a revolutionary new technology that finally provides treatment vs. covering up these symptoms with artificial tears, keeping your eyes healthy.

Chronic blepharitis afflicts a whopping number of Americans – approximately 30 million people! Caused by an overgrowth of bacteria on the eyelid, no particular age or ethnicity group has a higher risk of this recurring condition. We offer effective treatment for blepharitis in the comfort of our Sunrise office. Dr. Haiman. our professional optometrist, will examine your eyes to determine the most suitable treatment. One option that we provide is Blephex, a revolutionary new clinician treatment that cleans and exfoliates your eyelids with ultimate precision.

There are two types of blepharitis: posterior and anterior. Posterior occurs on the inner surface of your eyelid and is typically caused by a problem with the eyelid’s oil glands. Anterior affects the outer surface of your eyelid and is often due to bacteria or dandruff.

Symptoms of Blepharitis

Our eye doctor will diagnose blepharitis during an eye exam. The following symptoms are commonly experienced:

  • Swelling and/or irritation at the juncture between your eyelid and eyelashes
  • Chronic dry eye
  • Red, watery and/or itchy eyes
  • Sticking and crusting of your eyelids
  • Burning sensation
  • Flaking skin on your eyelids
  • Blurred vision
  • Thinning and loss of eyelashes

Blepharitis Treatment with BlephEx

Eyelids are not the easiest part of your body to clean… until now! Bacterial overgrowth may build up over years on your eyelids, until damage is caused. Fortunately, BlephEx can put a rapid stop to this accumulation of bacteria and the associated eye pain.

In the comfort of our Sunrise Specialty Lens & Dry Eye Institute clinic, Dr. Haiman will use a specialized handpiece fitted with a micro-sponge to cleanse the tissue along the edge of your eyelashes. Usually, numbing eye drops are inserted, which makes the procedure painless. Start to finish, BlephEx takes about 6-8 minutes, and we generally recommend repeating it every 4-6 months to benefit from the best effects.

BlephEx removes the excess of biofilm, bacteria and bacterial toxins that are primarily responsible for eyelid disease and inflamed dry eye syndrome. This breakthrough procedure will save you – our valued patient – hundreds of dollars in the expense of eye drops and topical prescription drugs!

Call to schedule a consultation for blepharitis in our Sunrise, FL, optometry practice. Ask our eye doctor for more about BlephEX and how it can help you!