BlephEx™ … The First and Only Doctor Treatment for Blepharitis

· BlephEx™ is a new, in-office procedure that allows our physicians to take an active role in treating blepharitis.
· BlephEx™ reduces scurf and bacterial debris, the main causes of inflammatory lid disease, and improves the overall health of the eyelid.
· The BlephEx™ treatment only takes a few minutes to perform in-office.

How BlephEx™ Works

BlephEx™ is a painless in-office procedure. A revolutionary new patented BlephEx™ handpiece is used to very precisely and carefully, spin a medical grade micro-sponge along the edge of your eyelids and lashes, removing scurf and debris and exfoliating your eyelids.

The patented micro-sponge is disposable and a clean one is used for each individual eyelid so bacteria is not spread between the lids.

The procedure lasts about 6 -8 minutes. Most patients simply report a tickling sensation. A numbing drop is usually placed in each eye prior to treatment for increased comfort.

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