Dr. Haiman graduated with Honors from Indiana University School of Optometry in 1999. He completed his residency at the Boston Veterans Administration specializing in diseases of the eye and brain, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and diabetic eye disease.

After his residency he accepted a position as Director of Optometry at New England Eye Center – one of the Country’s top 5 Ophthalmology Centers. This referral site gave him advanced experience in glaucoma and cornea diseases such as keratoconus, dry eyes, blepharitis, corneal transplants as well as LASIK consultations and co-management. He specialized in hard-to-fit contact lenses including scleral, semi-scleral and RGP contact lenses.

In 2002, he relocated back to his home state of Florida and started his independent clinical practice, Sunrise Specialty Lens & Dry Eye Institute, within the Walmart Vision Center. Dr. Haiman rebranded his practice in a commercial setting to take care of all his patient eye care needs, not just glasses and contacts. From 2009-2016 Dr. Haiman took a full time position as hospital-based Optometrist at the West Palm Beach Veterans Hospital as well as managing all the details and staff in his own practice. He also served as an adjunct faculty member for the Illinois College of Optometry, Nova College of Optometry and New England College of Optometry. Additionally, Dr. Haiman has lectured nationally and has published in industry journals.

Dr. Haiman continues to expand his knowledge of dry eyes, glaucoma and scleral and semi-scleral and Hybrid contact lenses by attending specialty meetings such as the International Contract Lens Congress. He is an active member of Energeyes Association, American Optometric Association and the Florida Optometric Association and attending national meetings and symposiums. He is currently certified to perform BlephEx, an in office procedure to provide relief of dry eye related symptoms and improve ocular health.

Dr. Haiman feels privileged to be in a profession that allows him to help others. His passion for the profession is obvious once you meet him. You will find him very empathetic and easy to talk to. He sees every patient as a special individual and tailors his treatment plans to meet his patients’ needs.