An Optometrist Develops Dry Eye

Caroline Guerrero CauchiOD, FIAOLa Mesa, CA Approximately 5 years ago I began developing dry eyes.  I could no longer wear any brand of contact lens comfortably.  I also had to blink every 4 seconds as my eyes would burn and my vision would blur.  People starting commenting on my blinking, I am sure it was distracting to my patients.

How Many Capsules Do I Have to Take?I knew about the benefits of omega-3 and placed myself on 1 teaspoon of a concentrated liquid omega-3 per day.  I chose this liquid form because in order to get the same amount of DHA + EPA I would have needed to take 6+ capsules of the most concentrated omega-3 I could find.  The idea of swallowing this much gelatin makes me nervous and it is inconvenient.

Daily “Goosebumps” The liquid omega-3 is a bit nasty tasting and swallowing that much oil is difficult.  But I put up with the taste even though it gave me the “goosebumps”, because it was “one shot”.  Within 2 months, I could wear my contacts again and my blink rate was back to normal.

A Better Solution?

Take just 3 softgels a day vs. a handful of fish oil pills. Ultra Dry Eye TG brand of omega-3 from OcuScience inc.  It is much more concentrated than any omega-3 I’ve seen including the big national brands that advertise to optometrists.  Given this superior concentration, I wondered if I could discontinue the liquid and take just 3 Ultra Dry Eye TG softgels per day to get the same effect.

Convenient and EffectiveThe answer is, “yes” the spoonful of liquid omega-3, is easily replaced by 3 Ultra Dry Eye TG softgels.  I am still completely comfortable and don’t have to worry about washing a stinky fish oil spoon or gulping 6 or more capsules every day.  The individually blister packed softgels are nice because when I travel I don’t have to worry about my softgels sticking together in the baggie or leaking. I am a raving fan and I also now offer Ultra Dry Eye TG to my patients.

Caroline Guerrero CauchiOD, FIAO, La Mesa, CAWe offer BlephEx and the Ultra Dry Eye TG to our patients in our Sunrise, Fl practice.

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